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SHOP WORN – Bob Geldof gives his audience a dressing down……………………….

It was hard for me to stifle a laugh when I read reports of Bob Geldof castigating the audience at a rock festival last year for what they were wearing – taking a fuming dislike apparently to the Primark attire…
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PRECIOUS MOMENTS – Twenty Songs That Watch The Clock

I LOOKED AT MY WATCH AND IT SAID – ROCK N’ ROLL TIME (Roger McGuinn). MINUTE BY MINUTE – The Doobie Brothers; SIX O’CLOCK – Ringo Starr; FIVE MINUTES – Gretchen Peters/FIVE MINUTES – The Stranglers (Different Songs); NINE TO…
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THE TRAIN NOW DEPARTING – Twenty Songs About Trains.

Welcome aboard the rock n’ roll express – we shall be calling in Georgia, Kansas, Clarksville, Marrakesh and will be the last train to London. TRAIN IN VAIN – The Clash; TWO TRAINS – Little Feat; AT THE STATION –…
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