THE DUNKIRK RE-VISIT – Two Films, Sixty Years Apart, Tell One Astonishing Story

Naming Dunkirk (1958) as one of my favorite films is something I make no apology for. Through my teenage years it became the definitive cinematic statement of events on and around the Dunkirk beaches in June 1940, its drama-documentary style…
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NOW THE WAR IS OVER – SAMTIMONIOUS.com revisits British Films about World War Two

During my teenage years it seemed that every weekend one of the three television channels would show a British made Second World War film of the 1950s. With predictable regularity Saturday or Sunday afternoon would bring yet another airing of…
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BEST INTENTIONS: New George Best documentary succeeds and fails – like the man himself

Recently I sat down and watched the George Best documentary ‘All By Himself.’ While offering no new insight into the life of the wayward genius it served to emphasise his remarkable ability as a footballer without shying away from his personal failings….
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